What is most important in life today?

Daily challenges in family life are sometimes hard to schedule. This morning I was in a rush to get everyone ready, earlier than usual, because I did not want to be late for a meeting. My day was fully packed as well with an overnight stay in Lausanne. Being ready in time for the early train, I stood there ready to go and you little boy realized you need your handcrafted mouse from Christmas.

I did not know where to start looking, while your eyes were in tears and the train just minutes away from leaving. By some miracle I found it in your room, put it in your hand and we rushed out. You were carefully holding your mouse on the train ride and on the way to daycare.

No way to get the mouse out of your hands even while undressing winter cloths. I was already on my phone checking if I can catch the right train to work to be on time, there you stand in front of me. You hand me the mouse with a smile and say “ no mummy you need the mouse today” you turned around happily, jumped into the Kindergarden room.

You left me staying there speechless, with the mouse in my hand and the heart full of surprise and joy. I am just one night in a hotel alone but you decided there I needed some support.

You are an amazing wise young little boy, thanks for showing me. I am so grateful to have such great teachers when life gets challenging.