University of St. Gallen: Mindfulness Training in the Digital World

Summer in St. Gallen. While the students charge their batteries during their holidays, our Institute works together with a newly founded platform on a similar goal.

DAYCATCHER offers users a digital mindfulness diary to be more conscious about the passing of time, and life in general. Keeping a diary helps to gain more satisfaction, gratitude and resilience in everyday life. Perhaps these practices can also help us in everyday academic stress, so that the rechargeable batteries charged over the summer last longer.

Our consulting project includes the development and implementation of a marketing and growth concept. On our recommendation, we developed a brand ambassador strategy in which yoga and meditation bloggers make the platform known and integrate it into their training plans. Thus, for example one of the Ambassadors uses DAYCATCHER in the context of her Burnout therapy offering and uses the platform for publishing know-how for prevention of Burnout. The platform will profit from new customers and the existing users on DAYCATCHER will profit from relevant expert know-how.

How does DAYCATCHER work?

The vision of the platform is to encourage more mindfulness and inspire users to write daily diary entries. By reflecting on everyday life, one becomes more conscious for the small things to be grateful for and so become more attentive about life in general. Those who wish can share their daily journal entries (“catches”) online and network socially with other users. In addition, users can take part in regular challenges (“quests”) to motivate each other and lead a healthier and happier life (examples: 5 minutes of meditation a day, a cup of tea a day).

You can find a video of DAYCATCHER here.

Free premium access:

For our readers of the University of St. Gallen newsletter we have developed our own voucher, which gives you exclusive access to a DAYCATCHER premium account. Compared to the free membership, the premium account also gives you the opportunity to take part in the challenges (“quests”) as described above. Why don’t you take 2 minutes and start writing your personal DAYCATCHER diary: What are you grateful for today? Which meeting did you enjoy today? Do you remember a nice little thing on your way to work today? You will see that the positive effects can be felt quickly.

Voucher: VoucherHSG19

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Autor: Lena-Marie Paetzmann

Universität St.Gallen Newsletter September 20, 2019:

DayCatcher: Achtsamkeits-Training in der Digitalen Welt

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