The beauties of every day

Dr. Michael E. Harrer, another DAYCATCHER ambassador, has published in his blog “achtsam leben” a wonderful article about DAYCATCHER (German only).

Praxis der Achtsamkeit (Übersicht)

With a beautiful story of an Italian Conte, he illustrates how Daycatcher can inspire people to cultivate gratitude every day.

“This Count became very old because he was a life-lover par excellence. He never left the house without pocketing a handful of beans. He did this in order to consciously perceive the beautiful moments of the day and to be able to count them better. For every positive little thing he experienced during the day – for example: a cheerful chat on the street, the laughter of a woman, a glass of good wine – for everything that pleases the senses, he let a bean wander from the right into the left pocket of his jacket.
In the evening he sat at home and counted the beans from his left pocket. He really celebrated these minutes. So he realized how much beauty had happened to him that day and was happy. Even if he only counted one bean, the day had been a success – it had been worth living!”

The story can be found in Luise Reddemann and in Burkhard A (2010) Achtsamkeit – Decision for a new way: Meditation exercises for practice and everyday life. Stuttgart: Schattauer.

Dr. Michael E. Harrer’s blog is a very rich source of valuable, professional content around mindfulness ranging from definitions to practical advice on how to integrate it into everyday life (German only).