When I started my journal on DAYCATCHER 6 months ago, it was for me all about breaking the daily routine, usually with something small, but now and then also sometimes bigger or a more special experience. My business and leisure days run like an oiled machine with a high degree of routine. Still very comfortable and usually entertaining, but I had developed pleasant routines which started to limit myself making new experiences.

DAYCATCHER helped me to realise that by breaking and changing habits, I get much more energy and become more mindful about the passing of time. Every day is a gift, and if not well spent, it will be gone and not come back. I experienced that I could give a bit more life to each of my days and when I look back at my journal, I am amazed about the variations I added to my “normal” life.

Everything changed in early 2019. I accepted a proposal to work for some years abroad in a country new to me. This meant (within two months), taking a decision, moving abroad, getting everything organised in a foreign country and to start living in a new city. So the purpose of keeping a daily journal now completely changed as breaking the habits was not really necessary anymore – everyday life does it for me each day. Currently, capturing my days on DAYCATCHER is all about recording my experiences and new learnings. It is about realising that starting fresh doesn’t take a matter of days but it takes time and happens step-by-step and also requires patience with myself.

I have started capturing my small steps to settle in and to feel at home in a new place. I want to record good and bad experiences, successful and unsuccessful attempts to get or do something as well as funny and hopefully not too many sad events. It will be wonderful to look back at those days in a few years and be proud or laugh when reviewing my memory collection on DAYCATCHER.