Review the year and create your own yearbook

The last week in December is always a good opportunity to look back on the past year. In your Daycatcher Journal you can not only do this digitally, but you can also easily export your year as a PDF file and thus even print your “yearbook”. You find this function in the main menu, it is called “Export Journal”.

Design your journal

Before exporting, you can make a few personal settings: first you select the time frame of the catches to be exported with start and end dates. A maximum of 3 months is possible so that the file does not become too large. This means you can create a file for every quarter or season. You can also customize the title of your journal if you want. Two formats are also available to choose from: A5 portrait with one catch per page or A4 landscape with 2 catches per page. According to the period you have chosen, you can see how many catches are included in the export. And you can choose whether or not to include your personal notes. This is useful if you want to share your journal or part of it, for example the catches during a trip, with others without your personal notes.

Export your journal

With the button “Export” you order the desired export file. The PDF file will be created and within a few minutes you will receive an email and notification in DAYCATCHER with the link to download it. The PDF file is easy to view, print, share and archive.

Enjoy your journal

You will enjoy reviewing the year 2021 with the files you have created. More often than expected, you will be happy about the moments you have described in your Catches and realise how valuable it is to take the time to reflect every day and record your thoughts in words and pictures. It’s also very easy to print your yearbook afterwards, so you can keep it in paper form.

Start your own daily journal with DAYCATCHER Digital Diary.

Keeping a diary with DAYCATCHER helps to record and process experiences in depth and to record very extensive chains of associations with a date, picture, title and text. When you read your catch later, you remember again how the whole day felt experienced with all senses. But it also leads to the fact that one consciously seeks to enrich the daily routine, the everyday life with new experiences, because just these lead to new positive memories. Even into old age.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash