Partners wanted for DAYCATCHER

It’s time. After fulfilling and very enriching 19 years in the Corporate world, I will leave my employer in spring 2022. A good and positive moment to finally dedicate myself to more personal projects. One of them is DAYCATCHER.

My wish for next year is therefore to find new partners (companies or individuals) to take this private “passion” project further and make it successful. Success with DAYCATCHER is to let as many people as possible benefit and to let the platform grow sustainably. You can find more details on the website.

Would you be interested, and do you think it would be the right thing for you? If so, please contact me with a LinkedIn message or by mail at [email protected]

What’s it about?

2 years ago we brought DAYCATCHER to life in a close circle of friends with a lot of personal commitment and substantial investments. However we had only little time afterwards to take care of the development of the community, so that it still lives a niche existence. I would like to change that in 2022 by working with additional, new partners.


The main element of DAYCATCHER is a digital diary, a daily checkpoint with oneself to reflect on daily activities and thoughts and to record memories. To be more aware of the passage of time and oneself. The second component are Challenges (called quests) that can be created as stimuli for oneself and as an impetus for others to “do or think” in the sense of “who’s in doing this too?”

Satisfaction and resilience through more mindfulness in the here and now

Keeping a daily journal is extremely valuable and supportive in many ways. Personal journals usually have a specific focus. These include dealing with the pandemic, capturing family/children moments, remembering positive activities (hiking, trips, music, etc.), becoming more aware of nutrition, trying recipes, documenting seasons in the garden, valuing social contacts, accompanying recovery, documenting exercise/sporting activities, or simply processing the daily work routine. At the end of the day, find peace, gather and strengthen yourself internally, and set small goals or resolutions for the next day. Satisfaction and resilience through more mindfulness in the here and now.

Memories and time travel

A date, a picture and some text to go with it bring back all the memories later. You realize and appreciate the richness and variety of life and the many, small positive moments. You can make wonderful time travels back at any time – thanks to the export function not only digitally but also printed in your own “yearbook”. Between the journal owners wonderful interactions, valuable support and lasting relationships are created.


With a new, small and diverse team and its fresh thoughts and new perspectives, I would like to sharpen the focus (topic, benefits), define the corresponding strategy (reach, partners, business model and operations) and let DAYCATCHER grow with joint, passionate team energy.

Partners wanted

I hope to find partners who want to work with us on this. Existing basis is a modern, scalable, progressive browser-based web application with all necessary interfaces (accounts, mail, messaging, payment module, multilingualism, admin platform). There is a small, fine active DAYCATCHER community and reliable tech partners supporting us.

Is it you?

I am looking for personalities (individuals or representatives of a company), with life experience, affinity for technology, an own network, flexibility time and money wise as well as motivation to get deeply involved personally. Are you interested and want to learn more? Just get in touch via LinkedIn Message or via mail to [email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you.

Christoph Isenschmid


Daycatcher web application:

Short video:

To get to know: Voucher for a free 12 months full membership “Focus2022

Start your own daily journal with DAYCATCHER Digital Diary.

Keeping a diary with DAYCATCHER helps to record and process experiences in depth and to record very extensive chains of associations with a date, picture, title and text. When you read your catch later, you remember again how the whole day felt experienced with all senses. But it also leads to the fact that one consciously seeks to enrich the daily routine, the everyday life with new experiences, because just these lead to new positive memories. Even into old age.