How DAYCATCHER was born

In 2016, a group of us met on the shores of lake of Zurich to discuss how mindful – or otherwise – we all are about what we do, how we do it and how much we consciously shape our own paths in our day-to-day lives.

We concluded that most transformations in life emerge from painful experiences that we would know intuitively how to solve, if only our fast-paced lives didn’t get in the way. The problem is most of us fail to take time to actually be mindful and listen to ourselves. We tend to respond to life’s rising demands by putting in longer hours. And this inevitably takes a toll on us physically, mentally and emotionally.

We should be more conscious that time is a finite resource, unlike energy. This originates from the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Energy can be regularly renewed by establishing specific rituals, behaviours that we need to systematically practise, – the aim being to make these rituals unconscious and automatic in our everyday existence.

As different as we all are, there is one similarity we all share: the pursuit of happiness. No matter how far we travel in search of contentment, it can only be found in ourselves. When we learn to appreciate what we have, we start embracing the present moment, catching the day!

This happiness comes through mindfulness. Being mindful is a choice that requires effort at times. We as DAYCATCHER founders have discussed the powerful experience of developing a routine, of taking 10 minutes each day to capture moments and memories in a journal.

Being generation 50+, all of us are acutely aware that each morning you’re given a new day, precious, unique and irrevocable. We were convinced that sharing the journal and joining quests with others would help us be inspired and energised to get the most from every day and to create a memory collection to be treasured into the future.

This is how DAYCATCHER first saw the light of day.

How DAYCATCHER took shape

You need to climb a mountain to have an overview. And the best insights come after the hardest climb, away from all distractions. So it was in the spring of 2017 that we paid a visit to the lofty Engadine mountains in Switzerland to share our idea with Cloud Connection. This proved to be a major milestone in our quest to give DAYCATCHER a face and a soul.

For many years now, the Cloud Connection agency has been working in visualisations, design, art, and human interaction. For Cloud Connection, this was more than a mandate, it became a partnership.

“We were attracted to this venture because it addresses a fundamental aspect of all our lives. This is the first time we’ve been involved in something that can benefit all of us on a personal level. Moreover because we’re established experts in our field, we believe we can contribute a great deal to the project’s success.”

How DAYCATCHER finally came to fruition

One good thing usually leads to another, so we subsequently teamed up with Innobyte, a serious web software development company in Bucharest. A fantastic team of professionals was able to bring DAYCATCHER alive within 9 months. And here we are.

First and foremost, we did this for us. Something like DAYCATCHER was really missing, something that helps us be more mindful about the passing of time and supports us in pursuing the smaller and larger goals in our lives every day.

We are waiting for you!

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