My days – my memories

I started my digital journal when I turned 50 and decided to take a few months off. My intention was that I capture everyday what I do to make sure I use the time wisely, purposefully and do not let slip a single day without doing something special, even though it might be something very small.

What started as a 3 month project turned now into creating a habit over many years of capturing a memory every day. Often it is very easy and obvious what I want to keep as a memory at the end of the day and the few minutes of choosing a picture and writing a few lines gives me joy, satisfaction and makes me end the day with a nice ritual. Sometimes it is hard as it seems like nothing worth capturing has happened. Taking a few minutes to reflect always helps to find something (mostly small) to remember or I find something positive even though the day might have been a strain. It helps me to better process unpleasant situations and find my inner peace and balance before I go to sleep.

I am almost inclined to say it makes me even more resilient for the next day. Because It also completely changes the way I look at the next day. I think about what to do and what to focus on so that I appreciate and spend the day as an irrevocable gift given to me. Again it is usually not about “wow” activities, but about creating a routine of breaking habits and staying curious which lead to new experiences and interesting and joyful moments every day.

The picture I have chosen is a screenshot of my exported DAYCATCHER journal. In the menu “Export Journal” you can export your very own diary as a PDF file. Save or print it just for you or share it with family or friends.

Swiss Daycatcher