Museum of life – journaling and retaining a collection of unforgettable memories

The art of journaling: how to start journaling, benefits of journaling, and more. Retaining a collection of unforgettable memories for your museum of life.

Museum of life

Two years ago, I read the wonderful book of John P. Strelelecky “The Big Five For Life”. In chapter 5, he writes, “What if every day of our life was cataloged? And at the end of our life a museum was built. It was built to show exactly how we lived our life”. In conclusion he closes the chapter: “Imagine if heaven, or the afterlife, or however you think of life is like after we die, actually consists of us being the eternal tour guide of our own museum”.

Routine, routine, routine

When getting older, we often wonder, why the years seem to pass faster and faster. We might have some memories of the past. But can we really recall what we did during summer holidays, 5 years ago. Likewise every passed year feels similar to the current year, with maybe few highlights like new job opportunity, family events or having time off from work.

We all know the drill so that we get so used to almost anything. Likewise we start developing habits, rituals that we keep repeating day after day, month after month, and year after year. Could look something like this:

  • Monday to Friday, we commute to work where we spend on average 8 hours a day
  • When one has some discipline, we might do some regular sports, on average 3 days a week
  • During weekend, we sometimes catch-up on pending work, visit friends, do grocery shopping, clean our flat, make our laundry, read a book, watch a movie

There is nothing bad about these habits and rituals as such, as we don’t really need to make an extra effort to plan for anything „new“. However it takes a lot of effort to make us feel excited.

No new memories

These habits make our lives predictable and they make us feel „safe“. But, when we repeat these habits and rituals, we create a routine month after month, year after year. We are not adding any new memories. And worse we can’t differentiate one year from another. We are not able to remember which year our friends gave us a special birthday surprise – we just remember it was our birthday. We might always visit our favourite holiday location, at best enriching an existing memory, but we can no longer separate the holiday memories from each other. Again no memorable days in your museum of life.

Mindfulness – live your day as it was your first

Many times we get recommended that we should live every day as if it was our last one.  However I would rather go with living each day mindful as if it was your first. Every day trying out new things, meeting new people and visiting new places. In short start capturing those memorable moments and put it into a collection of mindful days to look back to or share with family and friends.

I am no exception to the above. However I became acutely aware that each morning I am given a new day, precious, unique and irrevocable. Therefore I am convinced that writing an online journal will keep me energized and mindful to get the most out from every day. Above all I create a memorable collection to be treasured into the future.

This is why my journal – a collection of personal and unforgettable memories – is called “My Life Museum“.

DAYCATCHER Online Diary to create your own Museum of  Life.