Mindfulness and Social Media

Social media serves an important role in our modern lives. Technology makes it possible to easily connect and bring people together. Being mindful about technology and social media should be an important element of self-care, i.e. finding the right balance like many mental health experts are saying. Too much social media interferes with our ability to be completely mindful and enjoy the present moment. Many of us have become more invested in what’s happening on our phone than what’s happening directly in front of us.

Mindfulness is all about balance and self-care, habits that help us take care of our body, mind and spirit: healthy nutrition, enough exercise and sleep as well as good relationships. These will nurture our soul and keep us healthy. With balance and a commitment to the important things in life, a mindful approach to social media will naturally fall into place.

In the famous diaries of the writer Thomas Mann, banal everyday experiences had an equal place alongside his literary considerations. All his life he kept a diary. Some people have this habit of keeping a diary and will not stop doing so even when getting older. Newcomers are rare as they believe their experiences are not worth of writing them down.

Diaries, especially when they deal a lot with personal feelings, are usually not shared with others. It is quite different with social media blogs, which are shared via Internet. These blogs are usually visible to the whole world. A blog is a good way to get connected with other people. While a blog is meant for the eyes of others, a diary raises the question: should others be allowed to read it? A diary can be used to collect our own memories, but also to share our experiences with our family members, friends or communities that we are actively engaged with.

DAYCATCHER is a digital diary that allows you to share your experiences with others and at the same time record your private thoughts for yourself every day. DAYCATCHER is your daily companion to capture and store special moments every day. It also helps you to develop a routine of breaking habits and become more mindful. And it only takes 10 minutes a day.


Fotocredit: Josh Rose (https://unsplash.com/)


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