Microadventure – develop a routine of breaking the habits

After many weeks in covid mode, we are caught in the hamster wheel and always need a conscious change from the routine. But what is possible and what really helps us so that it is not just more “entertainment”.

Micro-adventures can do “magic”

Breaking the daily grind with microadventures is the “magic word”.  A small, unusual step in everyday life to distract our brain and generate new impulses.

Get fresh energy and once again feel almost long lost unknown, exciting feelings.

Ideas for your personal micro-adventures

Here are some ideas for your personal microadventure: make a fire outside in the woods to make tea, coffee or a small meal; venture out and hike under a full moon at night, embark to something for  the first time such as yoga, a new sport, winter camping or swim in the lake (with gloves of course); participate in an online event with others to discuss with previously unknown people a topic close to your heart, cook together, join a choir to sing or whatever is unfamiliar to do as a group virtually and needs some overcoming. It could also be the start of a new hobby, embracing something new to learn or simply a role reversal in the family or partnership.

In any case, however, look out for a small “adventure” that is unfamiliar and associated with some uncertainty to create a stimulus that has a positive impact.

How can your daily journal on DAYCATCHER help?

DAYCATCHER was created for mindful people. For people who are aware that they receive a new day every morning – a precious and unique day that will not return. The DAYCATCHER diary helps to be conscious about the passing of time and keep the memory of this day. The diary will support you to develop a routine of breaking habits and become more mindful.


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About Microadventure

The term Microadventure was coined by the British adventurer and author Alastair Humphreys. He defines the term as an adventure that everyone can experience in their everyday lives and in their surroundings, as an outdoor experience on their own doorstep, literally as “Adventures that are close to home, small and achievable, for normal people with real lives”.

Further he explains: “My definition of a Microadventure is exactly what the name implies. It is a real adventure, just not a large-scale. A local, inexpensive, simple, short adventure. Personally, I think it’s important to sleep outside for one night instead of just taking a day out in nature, but that’s up to you.”

Living adventurously – Alastair Hymphreys


Microadventure – an introduction – Alastair Hymphreys

14 Inspiring Microadventure Ideas – Goodbye Routine, Hello Adventure

14 Inspiring Microadventure Ideas – Goodbye Routine, Hello Adventure!