Make Yourself Move

Undine Piepke, the editor of MYM (Make Yourself Move) and DAYCATCHER ambassador, has published an article in her blog titled “do you live in the present moment?”. Undine is a former stylist, PR consultant and Vogue editor in New York, now traveling enthusiast, yogini and boxer in search of the balance between Om and rock ‘n’ roll!

“Mindfulness is more than just en vogue – it is increasingly receiving scientific backing: three quarters of all studies on the positive effects of mindfulness as an essential part of life have been published in the past ten years, because it promises more satisfaction and joy.

The problem is that most of us take too little time to be mindful and listen to ourselves. We tend to cope with the increasing demands of our lives with extra hours of work, which inevitably has physical, psychological and emotional consequences. Time, unlike energy, is a limited resource. Energy originates in the body, our emotions, our mind and our spirit. We can replenish energy by introducing specific rituals, behaviors that we need to practice systematically. The goal is to unconsciously and automatically incorporate these rituals into our daily lives.” ….

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