Catch your day: be mindful and recognize beautiful moments

To greet a new day with mindfulness. Not necessarily an easy undertaking. You are caught in the daily routine, the moments of a day pass by without surprises. And then at times an important appointment is coming up and the train is late, difficult dealings with the boss, or you are surprisingly getting a marriage proposal. The world of emotions gets going – in a positive or negative sense, depending on the experience.

When do we remember particularly well?

Overflowing enthusiasm, unbridled passion, deep sadness or intoxicating pleasure: the more emotions there are in play, the better we remember those moments.

When we inwardly recall these situations, the same happiness or the familiar fear can overwhelm us. The emotional state of these moments is present again. Perhaps also connected with the smells, temperatures, noises or colours of those moments. Very traumatic experiences, on the other hand, can be erased from our consciousness by the body out of pure self-protection.

Why do many people have the impression that they can especially remember negative experiences? Feelings like fear, anger or grief are very powerful and are stored in us. If someone bumps into you and a near-accident occurs, you will remember this experience much more strongly than if someone lets you pass in a friendly manner. Factual knowledge learns better, if we manage to revive it with emotions.

If our emotional centre in the limbic system recognises a situation as very positive or negative, we are flooded with messenger substances such as dopamine, serotonin or norepinephrine. They transmit the signals between the nerve cells. But beware: if stress becomes chronic, nerve cells can die. It is better to remember the unique positive experiences!

Your physical and mental daily state

You come home from work and you say, “That was a busy day today!”. Or you sleep, gulp down your bun, run to the train station, come rushed to the office and think: “What a start of the day! There is not really much to add on the top of today.”

Have you ever experienced that? Either yourself, friends or colleagues?

The day has 24 hours. Well, about a third of it is we use for sleeping. There are still about 16 hours left. With an unpleasant experience saved in your memory, your feelings adapt. These feelings send a signal to the brain. The subconscious prepares itself in anticipation of the next drama and directs your attention accordingly. You are unconsciously looking for a confirmation of your current inner attitude and mindset.

I would bet that even on a day that doesn’t start well or on which you have to deal with a frustrating experience, beautiful moments still happen. You are just absorbed by these strong unpleasant feelings and therefore the positive moments tend to fly under the radar.

To catch moments of the day mindfully again and again can help to steer the consciousness and to recite the positive experiences. This builds your resilience for your life and makes you ready to face daily challenges of life.

Capturing beautiful moments

Mindfulness is like a muscle that can be built. In order to memorise beautiful, small moments, you can train your memory and your subconscious by noting down these important even if small experiences. Best daily. And best to establish it as a ritual that can last at least three months. Because with this routine you train your mind to recognize the small miracles of the everyday life. This does not mean to suppress unpleasant situations, to avoid challenging moments or to gloss over reality! Everything belongs to it. But the small moments of happiness are also a part of our reality (a happiness!) and make life so worth living. It would be a pity to miss them, because the subconscious is waiting for the next catastrophe.

Catch your day with “DAYCATCHER”

DAYCATCHER works like an online journal in which you can enter your highlight or your highlights of the day – with a picture to visualize the memory. The offer is an invitation to us to be as mindful as possible, to recognize moments as gifts and to be grateful for the wonders of life.

I belong to the species that likes to write by hand. Keep the calendar in my smartphone? Unthinkable for me! I would like to write my appointments, ideas and experiences by hand, I would like to cross out, scribble and paint. That sorts me.

But now I am fixed by DAYCATCHER. Quickly logged in and write a few lines about my day or my week; maybe upload a suitable photo – and come into communication with other “DAYCATCHERs” if you feel like it. If I would like to leave my diary entries (= Catches) private, I choose the private mode.

DAYCATCHER is attractively designed and works intuitively. There is a German and an English version. You can use DAYCATCHER for free, but you can’t make any entries visible or comment on them. These functions as well as the participation in quests (= challenges) are reserved for full members (52 CHF/year).

Silke Schuster