Blessings in disguise

What can you change when you realize that adversity is a blessing in disguise? It is your mindset.

“Keith Jarrett’s 1975 concert in Cologne should have been a musical catastrophe. Owing to a string of mix-ups and bad luck, he was faced with the choice of attempting his widely admired improvisations on a beaten-up old piano with sticky keys and a harsh upper register — or walking out altogether. He was all for walking out but felt sorry for the concert promoter and agreed to play the unplayable piano against his better judgment. The result was not a catastrophe but a masterpiece, and a bestselling one at that: The Köln Concert album. Tim Harford”

What I liked in this article is mindfulness. It is to experiment with more variety in our own lives, whether we choose our holidays or our commuting routes. It is a very simple lesson. When life confronts us with an unplayable piano, perhaps we should sit down and try to play it nevertheless.