Because health is everything

We are delighted that the health organisation SWICA, one of the leading health and accident insurers in Switzerland, has included DAYCATCHER in its active4life health programme.

Thanks to around 100 special offers from active4life, SWICA customers receive various discounts from selected partners in the fields of nutrition, health, sport and wellness.

Being one of those active4life SWICA partners, DAYCATCHER helps you to be more mindful everyday, to break your daily routine, to get involved more easily with new things and to appreciate every new day as a gift.

Offer for SWICA customers

50% discount on an annual membership.
Use the active4lifefree code to set up an account and test DAYCATCHER free of charge for three months and without obligation. After this time, you can use the active4life50 code to get a 50% discount on your annual membership.


For more information and to sign up click here: