Séverine Bonini

Séverine is the managing partner of a medical publishing company and blogs as Mama on the rocks about her life as a working mother. She had a burn-out in her mid-20s, and made a promise to herself never to let it go that far again. At over 40 she is convinced that the best is yet to come. On her bucket list she has set both big and small goals she still wants to achieve in her life.

As a mindfulness ambassador for DAYCATCHER, she is committed to focusing on the truly valuable things in life and pushing the stop button when it gets too much. She describes herself as a pleasurable Workaholic and says: “Mindfulness is a conscious decision every day and it does not just happen to you. But it’s worth it.” On DAYCATCHER, Séverine is known and to be found as “On the rocks”.

Sabrina Steiner

As the company founder focused on public relations, Sabrina Steiner supports people who are committed to dealing with grief more openly and consciously. Education and visible support are important to her and drive for her work as well as her blog life is deadly, where she describes her very personal experiences and thoughts about grief, loss and death.

As a mindfulness ambassador, she is happy to have found a web-based support for reflected mindfulness, personal exchange and real networking in DAYCATCHER. Sabrina lives in the Basel region and loves the city on the Rhine for its great diversity. She found in-depth access to a more holistic view of life and more mindfulness with herself and others 10 years ago through her training as a Bach-flower (Bachblüten) consultant. She is very touched by how important and valuable active listening is. Especially in crises and times of mourning, it is beneficial to be human with all your heart and open in all situations that life has to offer, without fear of contact.

Sabrina Steiner

Susanne Hausdorf

Susanne lost her heart to Norway and the Scandinavian languages. As a linguist and journalist, she deals intensively with the topic of sustainability. On her blog I live! Now! she has been writing since 2012, what it is like to raise children in a world that spins faster than one sometimes likes. Now she can enjoy and tackle things in life. Her motto in life: You are welcome to think about “what if”. But not too long, please. Life is too short and wants to be lived!

As a mindfulness ambassador for DAYCATCHER, she wants to spread the principle of collecting beautiful moments.

Andrea Gallai

Andrea lives in the Rhein Main area in the extreme south of the state of Hesse. Growing up in the Rhine Valley, at the foot of the Taunus forests, she loves her home and nature.

As a nurse, she has worked in a large clinic for decades and has a lot of experience in hospital care. She always considered her profession to be a vocation, but with increasing healthcare privatization, profits became the main focus, and human care (close to the patient) took a back seat. After professional as well as private crisis, a stress-related, chronic eye disease followed.

Today Andrea tries to find a balance, in life and in work. Drawing her conclusions from the professional situation, she works part-time in order to be able to live up to her aspirations and reality. In her private life, she has been involved in yoga, meditation and mindfulness for many years which helps her to stay true to herself. Her garden is her oasis and her favorite place.

Daycatcher came into her life at the right time and has enriched her everyday life ever since. Looking consciously at the supposedly small things of the day, appreciating them, giving them space and writing them down. Through this reflection, gratitude increases. Her motto in life: “Learn to appreciate simple things. You will only see the beautiful things if you walk slowly.”

Silke Schuster

Mindfulness ambassador for DAYCATCHER; copywriter/editor of “Wortschusterei”; Yoga teacher, Thai Yoga Bodyworker and Blogger for Yoga and Joy of Life on “Lebensflow”.

Silke has her center of life in the Rhine Main area. Yoga accompanies her for many years and has set impulses for essential changes in her life. She found the true connection between body, mind and soul when she joined yoga as a Thai Yoga Bodyworker. Thai Yoga is deeply ingrained attentiveness and mindfulness that gives deep relaxation in a loving way. The essence of it also flows into her yoga classes. Her blog “Lebensflow” forms the bridge between her passions Yoga, Thai Yoga and language. On the blog she shares experiences, thoughts and inspirations about yoga, meditation, mindfulness, pleasure and joie de vivre.