Action and boredom

Breaking out of your daily routines can be a powerful way to unlock great new ideas, both personally and professionally.

More, faster, better?

We constantly have to try our limits, literally and figuratively. We always want more and always something different, we long for variety, change, growth and progress, and so naturally that we no longer have the time to reflect on our life, although the traditional ideas of happiness rather have to do with idylls, with serenity and quiet zones in which we are not permanently disturbed and interrupted.

Is having time stressful?

How do you feel when you finally have a day off after a few stressful days? Let me guess, you’ll be happy, you’ll figure out what to do, how to enjoy it, and then: it doesn’t quite turn out how you had imagined it. Many people feel like paralyzed at the emptiness they have to shape because when the flow of their everyday activity is interrupted, they do not know what to do with their time.

Break habits and create space for new ideas

A healthy portion of restlessness belongs to life. We should not overdo it with resting, because otherwise it ends in a lack of drive, in the inertia of mere action. Deviate from your routine, and it’s hard not to feel like you’ve lost control of the day. Yet when it is done with intention and self-awareness, breaking from regular routines can be a powerful way to stimulate new thinking, breaking habits and adapting better to change. By giving up control of how you always do things, you can create space for new ideas and a more receptive outlook.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is about deliberate action, mental development, deliberation, thoughtfulness, combined with gratitude, the ability to shape, the far-sighted action for our lives.


Start your own daily journal with DAYCATCHER Digital Diary.

Keeping a diary with DAYCATCHER helps to record and process experiences in depth and to record very extensive chains of associations with a date, picture, title and text. When you read your catch later, you remember again how the whole day felt experienced with all senses. But it also leads to the fact that one consciously seeks to enrich the daily routine, the everyday life with new experiences, because just these lead to new positive memories. Even into old age.