I am Päivi and the founder of DAYCATCHER. I was born in Finland and have lived abroad since 1989, i.e. in Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany and Slovakia.

My 30-year professional life has taken me to many places all over the world and I have met many wonderful people for whom I am very grateful today. Authenticity has always been one of my core values.

The truth is that life is fragile and none of us comes out alive. That’s why my motto in life has always been: “Say what you want to say. Do what you intend to do. Live in the now, be bold, courageous and focus on what matters” (Seneca).

Life isn’t really short, but we waste it on many unimportant things that don’t really matter. Wondering what others think and getting caught up in gossip, wasting our lives on social media and the non-essential. Ten years from now, does it really matter?

2015 was my year of self-reflection. I was sick, which encouraged me to re-examine the stories I had told myself. If we believe in the why of our actions, we have more resilience and endurance when the going gets tough.

Today I am lucky enough to live in the two most beautiful countries in the world, Finland and Switzerland. I am happily married and enjoy spending time with friends, nature and sports. They have kept me grounded, inspired me and contributed to the idea of DAYCATCHER.

What if every day of our lives were catalogued? And at the end of our lives a museum would be built to show that we have lived and how we have lived. The name of my personal journal is therefore also “My Life Museum”.

If you were the tour guide of your museum, what would it look like?