A web app for more mindfulness in life (article in BrainMag)

The third issue of BrainMag was published at the end of November 2019. BrainMag focuses on neurology, psychiatry and geriatrics. In issue 3-19 DAYCATCHER was presented in an extensive article.

A web app for more mindfulness in life

Away from Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and the like, the Swiss web application DayCatcher is aimed at people who do not want to make a name for themselves in social media, but want to integrate more attentiveness and mindfulness into their lives by means of keeping a daily journal with a photo and some thoughts about their day. Daily stress can thus be reduced.

The founder of DayCatcher and native Finn Païvi Räty belongs to the generation 50+. She says, “Life isn’t really short, but we waste it on many unimportant things.” It was her aim to create DayCatcher as a digital journal, a modern diary, which helps to enjoy the little things, to be more mindful in everyday life and thus become more satisfied and resistant. DayCatcher’s target group are primarily “mature people” or the “best agers” who are in the prime of their life.

Both a patient and a doctor can record everyday highlights with DayCatcher, which helps them to be more attentive to their day. The visit to the family, the autumn leaves in the garden, the ice crystals frozen on the car? Alternatively, should the 15 minutes in-depth conversation with the daughter or son on a stressful day be worth remembering? DayCatcher can help you. Anyone who wants to share their daily journal entries (so-called catches) can but does not have to. If they wish, users can follow and connect with other users or simply be inspired by them. The pictures are the hook to the catches.