Walk of the Senses

A 15km walk for the senses

I smell wild garlic
Felled pine trees
Fresh saw dust
A chicken farm
Horse manure
The budding rape fields foretelling next month’s intense bouquet

I hear a stream gurgling through the woods
Birds chirping
Cowbells and snorting horses
A tractor
The deep rumbling of fat motorbikes
Swirling bees

I feel the pine needles that soften each step on the gravel path
The warm sun
A cool wind that does not let me forget it is still early spring

I see a family set up a tripod to film their dog playing in the brook
A hiker sitting on a tree trunk
Hawks circling a freshly tilled field
The first signs of green leaves on the branches
The deserted grass landing field of a model airplane club
Green moss embracing large stones
A carpet of white flowers on both sides of a forest path
Fresh bags in public rubbish bins next to pristine red benches
Busy anthills made of dried pine needles
A waterless fountain
A panoramic vista from the Kyburg castle onto the rolling hills and the city of Winterthur
A jogger running up the wooden stairs to the castle
A small black spider making its way through dry leaves
Horse riders
A man lounging in the sun in shorts and white socks
A plastic cow looking out from the first floor of a wooden shed
An empty school with chairs standing on classroom tables
A chair on the sidewalk piled with free books
A small dog being groomed on a sunlit table in a front yard


A research from 2003 by Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough, “Counting Blessings Versus Burdens: An Experimental Investigation of Gratitude and Subjective Well-Being in Daily Life”, proves that gratitude is very effective.

Why are some people strangely happy right now? “If you make a note of only three positive things every day, it has strong effects on your well-being after just two weeks. It is a good opportunity to appreciate our happiness more, »Shiri Lavy, lecturer in psychology and co-editor of a scientific magazine for happiness studies.

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Photo by Darlene Lu on Unsplash