Are you capturing life's
precious moments?
Now's the time to start
Our time won't come again

So live every day as if it were your first
Are you in a rut?

A way to escape is to seek new

experiences in the company of others
Don't let life just happen

Try to shape it as a potter would on a wheel

Carpe diem - Catch the Day!

Are you living
in the present?

How many of your last 30 days do you remember? For most people it is only 3.

Do you live on “auto-pilot”? When was the last time you did something – even small - for the first time?

When you repeat a routine, you are not adding new experiences. your year feels shorter, because you did not gain many new memories.

Life's secret is about enjoying and remembering the passage of time. With DAYCATCHER we will help you to CATCH these DAYS!


Easy to use digital journal



DAYCATCHER was created for mindful people. For people who are aware that they receive a new day every morning - a precious and unique day that will not return. The DAYCATCHER diary helps to be conscious about the passing of time and keep the memory of this day.

Daily Journal

Daily Journal

Bring your “catch of each day” to life with one image and/or one thought. Every day, you'll be able to enhance “your Journal” with new experiences.



Pursue goals with others. Take part in quests by signing up and linking corresponding journal entries. Quests are triggered by members or centrally to encourage you to get more from your day. This will make you happy!



You can share your journal with the community or keep it closed. You can follow, read and comment on others and others can follow you, if you share your journal.

Export Journal

Export Journal

Export your journal and create a document of your precious memories at any time. Browse through them on your computer, tablet or smart phone and share them with your friends and family. And finally print them on paper like a “real” diary.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

We are not doing business with your data. With your browser information, we only optimise your experience at the time when using DAYCATCHER. We do not store any personalized activity information or behaviour patterns.



You can share your thoughts with others by commenting on those entries as they can with yours if you share your journal. Should you wish, you can also disable comments at any time.



Gold nuggets are a DAYCATCHER appreciation currency. Only a limited number of nuggets can be given within each calendar day to other journal entries. There are no Likes or Thumb-Ups with us.



You can chose between free-silent and full-paying membership. Full members have all functionality available, can make their journal visible to the community and interact with others for CHF 52.- per year.

DAYCATCHER, your daily companion

  • Get yourself a fresh “digital” start.
  • Becomes your daily companion to catch and preserve memorable moments.
  • Helps you develop a routine of breaking habits and become more mindful.
  • Every DAY is a gift. So CATCH the DAY!
Create a habit of breaking routines79%
Live more memorable days91%
Made simple for you!100%

Simple made for you!

Create your DAYCATCHER account now and start capturing your day today.

You are the creator of your own memory collection.

It is time to get into the routine of breaking the habits and to live more memorable days.

Reflect and browse
Being more mindful and proud
Recorded and remembered

What people say

I do love having a journal, because I feel connected with lots of people all over the world, I would have not met otherwise. I like to see what’s going on in their part of the world, see what they do, get the daily world weather report, find out about their pets, hobbies and families. I am hooked.

Nick P.

Enjoying Life

My journal is like a box of jewels I can rifle through, pull one out, and once again be in that moment. I keep a record to realize how we and our loved ones age, grow, change. I discover, what wants to be seen, shown, known, shared because it is part of my life.

Viola P.


I find it very therapeutic to go searching for a catch everyday. Sometimes taking a nice picture, sometimes writing about something that makes me laugh or feel sad, sometimes I don’t explain what it is all about, it is for me to know only. Often following a theme of a specific quest, maybe a flower, an object a person or whatever gets my attention while walking home.

Peter O.


It encourages me to look at the world with new eyes. It makes me appreciating every single day. I now can see a beauty in the most mundane activities. Even a boring trip to the shops or a walk in the park becomes an adventure in seeking out the catch of the day.

Marcel M.


I really enjoy the quests of trying to capture a passing moment with a special person, situation, light, color and reflection here and gone. I catch it, memorialize it, elevate it, and in posting it, I say, “I caught my day!



I love having a reason to seek something to photograph and write about each day, with a few skips here and there. Appreciating and learning about the things and moments I catch, whether tiny or enormous, at home or far away when I’m travelling.



We are waiting for you!

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